Working on the Boat

We were finally able to get back down to the marina and get some things done on the boat.  Our of our list of things to get done, we managed to build the shelves in the storage closet.  That was a really big deal because it has allowed us more space for more food staples.

We currently have about 250 pounds of food on board.  Most of it is stored in the stern area of the boat, but the storage closet towards the bow was mostly empty.  It was originally designed to have clothes hanging in it, so it was a big open closet.  We built several shelves into the closet that allows us to store a lot more food and other items.

There are several more subtle modifications that we are going to make to get her into shape for extended cruises.  There is a lot of unused space there, and a lot of places for goods and extra water.

More to come…

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