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Harstad 31 Sold

The wife and I have sold our beloved Harstad 31 Motorsailer.  We found that, although we loved our time with her, she was too small for the extended family we have.  We ended up with a Columbia 36 that has fit our family.

We will miss the Harstad and will always keep pictures of her around.  Once you own a boat you will always have an affinity for that boat.

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Working on the Boat

We were finally able to get back down to the marina and get some things done on the boat.  Our of our list of things to get done, we managed to build the shelves in the storage closet.  That was a really big deal because it has allowed us more space for more food staples.

We currently have about 250 pounds of food on board.  Most of it is stored in the stern area of the boat, but the storage closet towards the bow was mostly empty.  It was originally designed to have clothes hanging in it, so it was a big open closet.  We built several shelves into the closet that allows us to store a lot more food and other items.

There are several more subtle modifications that we are going to make to get her into shape for extended cruises.  There is a lot of unused space there, and a lot of places for goods and extra water.

More to come…

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Rudder Repaired

We managed to repair the rudder!  It’s not a permanent repair, but it is working.

We took our gudgeons to Minney’s in Newport Beach, and after quite a bit of rummaging through parts, found replacements that look almost exactly like the originals.  We will ultimately want to find some heavier duty pieces, but the originals lasted over 30 years, so these should work until we order better ones.

The most difficult part was getting the steel cables from the helm back around the pulleys and then adjusting the cables for tightness.  The steering is working great for now, though.

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Work to be Done on Our New Boat

We have just recently bought our Harstad 31′ and have not yet had the chance to sail her, although we did a bit of a sea trial with the previous owner before consummating the deal.  The diesel ran great and the sails went up and down without a hitch.  The paint is all in good condition and it has a shine to it.  Some of the woodwork will need a light refinishing, but all and all it is in really great condition.

The following are areas to be worked on:

  • Tachometer needs to be connected/fixed
  • Choke cable needs to be lubricated
  • Fuel meter (sender unit) needs to be fixed – it only partially works
  • Although the volt meter and switch panel seem to be in great shape, I need to check them
  • Mizzen mast halyard was pulled to the top somehow and the end hook needs to be retrieved
  • Check the  fresh water system to make sure the pressure water does not have any leaks
  • Test hot water heater
  • Test bilge blower

Beyond that, there isn’t much else that needs attention.  The boat is clean as a pin and looks great!

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