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Working on the Boat

We were finally able to get back down to the marina and get some things done on the boat.  Our of our list of things to get done, we managed to build the shelves in the storage closet.  That was a really big deal because it has allowed us more space for more food staples. […]

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Rudder Repaired

We managed to repair the rudder!  It’s not a permanent repair, but it is working. We took our gudgeons to Minney’s in Newport Beach, and after quite a bit of rummaging through parts, found replacements that look almost exactly like the originals.  We will ultimately want to find some heavier duty pieces, but the originals […]

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Weakness in Rudder

I have recently found a weak spot in the rudder linkage on my boat.  It seems that Harstad used a weak gudgeon on these boats.  On the way back from Catalina, we had our lower support snap, and then later the upper snapped.  When the upper went, we lost all control and had to call […]

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Work to be Done on Our New Boat

We have just recently bought our Harstad 31′ and have not yet had the chance to sail her, although we did a bit of a sea trial with the previous owner before consummating the deal.  The diesel ran great and the sails went up and down without a hitch.  The paint is all in good […]

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